Company History

The Metal Exchange is an LCI Company. Established in 1997, LCI has successfully transacted over $1,300,000,000 in financial transactions in its 16 years of business.

The Metals Exchange was created by a group of senior precious metals veterans with the singular goal of simplifying the online buying experience of adding gold and silver coins to the American investment portfolio. We believe as our motto states, "It's not complicated, it's gold and silver".

That is why we have decided to revolutionize the gold and silver buying experience by "addition from subtraction". Making the buying process simple by offering the following products.

  1. 10 Gold products (see them all)

  2. 5 Silver products (see them all)

  3. Gold Investor Pre-Made Portfolios:
  4. Silver Investor Pre-Made Portfolios:
  5. Mixed Portfolios: