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Safeguard Your Retirement with a Gold Backed IRA

The Gold IRA Rollover is the fastest growing retirement segment in America. In recent times physical Gold investment has proved to be one of the more conservative yet smart investment options in America. Many people have figured out that using Gold to rollover existing traditional, Roth and 401K policies is as simple as switching to a new mutual fund or ETF. It's considered to be a 100% hassle free as well as offer tax advantages for some are approved by IRS. It's basically an uncomplicated and smooth process that offers diversification of your portfolio with the world's gold.

Gold IRA accounts function in the same exact capacity as your current IRA accounts, only instead of holding paper assets you will now be able to hold physical gold and silver coins or bars. Your precious metals will be kept in an IRS-approved depository until you reach retirement; you will then be able to have them shipped to you directly, or they can be sold for cash at anytime.

As stated earlier, this roll-ever is a great option for clients who have any kind of IRA account such as SEP, Roth or any of the conventional options. Other accounts that could qualify for this rollover are:

  • Pension plans
  • TIAA CREF plans
  • 401K or any other similar plans
  • Non prototype plans
  • Thrift saving IRA
  • Beneficiary IRA

The Metal Exchange is immensely popular when it comes to IRA roll-overs as we have creditable personnel who assist you through the entire procedure. We provide the industry's best precious metals investment service. Gold is a precious commodity and as per our research, the diversification of gold will serve as your retirement funds and will reduce the impact of the weakening dollar caused by various Quantitative Easing schemes. Get educated and call us right away for a free consultation.

Options Regarding the Gold Directed IRA Account

It's a self-directed IRA account having the option to own precious metals in an account. This type of account allows you to choose over a list of metals such as gold, platinum, palladium or silver. The chosen metal is secured in an IRS approved container. As stated earlier this stored metal is shipped and handed over to the client prior to retirement.

History Pertaining to the IRA Gold Investments

In the period of 1986 to 1998, the IRS constrained the use of selected metals gold or silver. Prior to 1998, the changes in the Tax Code symbolized the use of a wide variety of metals that were qualified by the IRS. In the present scenario a client can possess metals such as gold, platinum, silver or palladium.

Some of the well-known metals are:

  • Gold and silver American eagle coins
  • Suisse gold bars and coins
  • American buffalo coins
  • Canadian Maple gold coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic golden coin

Processes Pertaining to a Facile Gold Backed IRA Vocation

The processes sustaining the possession of precious metal are a cakewalk with American Bullion. We work for an effortless and hassle free consortium. In the newly introduced Gold IRA Self-Directed account, you can either choose a part or the whole of it as per your own convenience. There is no window for penalties, i.e. IRS will have the provision of shifting and moving funds from one IRA into the other.

If you have a 401K type account or any other account that is relatively older such as annuity plans or the Thrift savings account, there are suitable schemes that allow you to convert these schemes to a Gold IRA account. This is done by the process of rollover that is totally tax free, where the client just needs to make a call to make the necessary changes.

For further information, visit or just call us at 1-800-844-3142, to consult with our specialist and gain a clear understanding of the various procedures.